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Burlap fabric is easy to decorate; you can screen print, silk screen, heat transfer or embroidery on these burlap tote bags. We will be happy to decorate them for you; order your personalized tote bags at ToteBagFactory. We also offer blank jute bags if you would like to decorate them yourself or if a natural-blank look is better for your needs.

We provide the best available prices in the market for bulk burlap bags, whether they be burlap tote bags, a tall drawstring pouch, or small burlap sacks. Shop our large variety of burlap jute bags at wholesale prices at

Sedex & Fairtrade certified factories and ethical trading allow us to produce ethically made bags without compromising on quality. As a company that is already involved in the supplying of eco-friendly goods our trading and production standards are very high.

Over the years, we have built a reputation by not only providing quality reusable and disposable bags but also by producing bags that take care of our planet without taking a toll on your business. We tirelessly source for quality, natural materials and use them to create inexpensive, reusable and personalised bags that are interesting and fast-moving.

Jute is 100% recyclable material that is highly durable and versatile. As a result, it is used to make jute bags. Jute bags are made with tightly woven and sewn jute material to give their free-standing ability, and as a result, many customers use it for shopping bags.

Jute is the second most important fibre extracted from a vegetable. In some applications jute is considered better than cotton. Jute is more environment-friendly than cotton because it needs less water, pesticides, maintenance and fertilisation for it to yield significant crops. Jute is highly sustainable and versatile which makes it an excellent fibre for making our bags.

Jute bags are durable and easy to store. The jute plant and consequently the bags have a low CO2 footprint, making them 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. Jute bags are extremely strong allowing you to carry more items.

Sackito is a London brand with a social purpose, selling a beautiful range of upcycled jute bags. The sustainable bags are handmade from reclaimed coffee sacks and handcrafted in HM Prison Pentonville, London.

During the last four years, a deeper examination of malignant mesothelioma (MM) cases occurred within non asbestos textile industry highlighted asbestos past exposure in several textile industrial divisions. In spite of that, poor information about recycled textile bags previously containing asbestos fibres is available to the National Mesothelioma Registry, although holding a remarkable data bank on more than 3500 work histories and sources of asbestos exposures. Besides the analysis of the exposure circumstances and the registered health effects of the past exposure within the recycling activity, the aim of this research was to relate the possible involvement of the agricultural sector, where the use of recycled jute bags was very diffused. The MM cases were collected from the Mesothelioma Registry of Brescia, asbestosis, pleural plaques and lung cancer cases were collected from the Occupational Diseases Archive of the Local Public Occupational Health Service of the Province of Brescia. During the 1977-2006 period, 8 cases of MM, 4 cases of pulmonary asbestosis, 4 of isolated bilateral pleural plaques and I of lung cancer in pulmonary asbestosis, were observed among workers employed in bags recycling activity in 4 small companies, one of them still operating, employing about 50 workers. Even more, among the 65 MM cases classified by the Registry with "unknown asbestos exposure" (UAE), the most relevant frequency of working histories concerned the agriculture sector. Confirming a past signalling, the investigations underlined the cross linkage between this working activity and the diffusion of recycled bags in the agriculture sector. In the Province of Brescia, the activities of these small jute bags recycling plants were linked, even geographically, to the asbestos cement manufacture plant using a huge number of bags, roughly until mid seventies. Therefore, a large number of these recycled bags, previously containing asbestos, were generally used for harvesting and trading agricultural typical products of northern Italy. According to the 2003 National Mesothelioma Registry Guide Lines, MM in agricultural workers are still classified as UAE due to poor information available. In the light of these new findings, it looks reasonable to review the UAE within agriculturalists attributing a new classification of "possible" occupational asbestos exposure, although other exposure circumstances might have occurred in the past.

Post-harvest storage of grains is crucial for food and feed reserves and facilitating seeds for planting. Ironically, post-harvest losses continue to be a major food security threat in the developing world, especially where jute bags are utilized. While jute fabrics flaunt mechanical strength and eco-friendliness, their water-loving nature has proven to be their Achilles heel. Increased relative humidity and/or precipitation wets jute, thereby elevating the moisture content of stored seeds and causing fungal growth. This reduces seed longevity, viability, and nutritional value. To address this crucial weakness of jute bags, we followed a nature-inspired approach to modify their surface microtexture and chemical make-up via alkali and wax treatments, respectively. The resulting wax-coated jute bags (WCJBs) exhibited significant water-repellency to simulated rainfall and airborne moisture compared to control jute bags (CJBs). A 2 months-long seed storage experiment with wheat (Triticum aestivum) grains exposed to 55%, 75%, and 98% relative humidity environments revealed that the grains stored in the WCJBs exhibited 7.5-4% lesser (absolute) moisture content than those in the CJBs. Furthermore, WCJBs-stored grains exhibited a 35-12% enhancement in their germination efficacy over the controls. This nature-inspired engineering solution could contribute towards reducing post-harvest losses in the developing world, where jute bags are extensively utilized for grain storage.

EarthyyBags is synonymous with sustainable fashion when it comes to bags made with premium quality, natural jute and cotton. The desire to adopt a natural, healthy, reusable,bio-degradable and eco-friendly solution to reduce the usage of plastic in bags resulted in Earthyy Bags in 2016. One of the leading manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers and suppliers of jute andcotton bags from West Bengal, India, it has a manufacturing plant in Howrah with appropriate working conditions which takes care of the in-house research and development, designing, customizing, handcrafting, cutting, stitching, printing and quality control. Its state-of-the-art equipment and technology along with a dedicated professional team ensures that it produces a bag which is second to none. Each bag at Earthyy Bags is a piece of art meticulously made with passion, precision and par excellence. It is aesthetically appealing, spacious, durable, stylish yet comfortable. Its collection ranges from shopping bags,pouches, storage bags, tote bags, duffle bags,canvas bags, bottle bags, promotional bags, bags for conferences, corporate branding and gifting and many more to cater to all utilities, occasions and moods. One of the regular exhibitors at the renowned Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair, it also exhibits in the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt along with many others in India, Europe and Hong Kong. Earthyy Bags bagsinternational and national clients in its piggyback. It customizes bags for myriad sectors to servetheir specific requirements of material, colour, design, cut and branding. Earthyy Bags values its customers as much as it values nature.

Jute bags manufacturers in India are plenty but our USP is premium quality biodegradable bags. These are a sheer blend of unique artistry and superb design. Our wide product range, which includes eco-friendly shopping bags, fashion bags, promotional jute bags, canvas bags, jute beach bags etc, have been designed to cater to every taste. So stop worrying about Mother Nature and start using our bags!

We create robust and high quality bio-degradable bags that blend superb design with unique artistry, and this helps us to distinguish our product from others. Our wide product range is designed for you to cater you the finest bags that you can use, keeping aside all your worries for the nature.

The majority of our bags are made from jute fabric, also known as hessian, which is a vegetable fibre mostly grown in tropical countries like India. Jute is easy to produce, sturdy and biodegradable so it's the perfect material to turn into shopping bags.

Jute or hessian fabric is an amazingly versatile material and is one of the most common fibres grown and used around the world second only to cotton. Jute is made from a fast growing plant which uses much less water than cotton to produce. The production of jute is also much more eco-friendly than any other fabric. 041b061a72


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