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Coach Carter Torrentl VERIFIED

Coach Carter is based on a true story of Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter (Samuel L Jackson) who made headlines in 1999 for benching his high school basketball team due to poor academic results.The film is not really about basketball that is just a backdrop. It is more about Ken Carter who becomes head coach of his old high school, where the players are rude, disrespectful and ill disciplined.Carter makes them each sign a personal contract regarding training, discipline, attendance and school grades. Although a disciplinarian the team has an unbeaten run and turns around the lives of their players even though some in the school and many of the parents are unhappy with his methods.I guess I would loath to have Ken Carter as my coach but in this movie with its assortment of High school misfits that are straight out of ghetto casting, it works.Samuel L Jackson has enough charisma and likability for you to invest in his character. The film is enjoyable enough, the music blends well with the urban drama and there are a few future stars in early roles in this film.

Coach Carter Torrentl

Successful sporting goods store owner Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) accepts the basketball coach job from his mentor at his old high school. It's a poor underachieving school. He forces his kids to sign a contract to maintain academics. He calls the kids 'sir' as a sign of respect. It's a struggle with the kids, but it's even more of a struggle with the adults. It climaxes to a point where coach Carter locks out the players when they don't maintain their academics.This is all a very earnest after school special. Coach Carter is a saint beyond reproach. The thing that I wish for is an early ally for Carter. It seems that everybody especially the adults are piling on. Even if true, it doesn't make for a compelling story. It's overkill. An ally could create more complex relationships in the adults of the movie.The other thing I noticed is that the movie reaches its climax around the lockout. The games after the lockout don't have much drama. The movie is about the lockout, not about any championships or game winners.


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