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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

The Old Guard

Nile arrives too late to intervene after learning that Booker has betrayed the team, but she persuades Copley to assist her on a rescue mission. She storms Merrick's London office, freeing the other immortals before fighting their way out and through the rest of Merrick's guards, with Nile protecting Andy from Merrick by tackling him out a window, where he falls to his death.

The Old Guard

While visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier I watched along with many others as the tomb guard was changed. It was an impressive ceremony very fluid, intricateand precise. When I got home and reviewed my photos and was very impressed with the Sergeant of the Guard who made all of his moments look effortless. I beganwondering how much precision there was in his moments. The 1st photo is of the sergeant saluting the grave of the unknowns, the middle photo is after doing anabout face while at attention the 3rd photo is photo 1 and 2 combined. The sergeant's pivots perfectly with no sign of movement except for his direction.The sergeant made doing this photo very easy.

Interestingly, news of the success of The Old guard comes around the same time as Netflix announcing a similar movie in tone and texture, Extraction has become their most-watched movie of all time, with 99 million+ views. The success of the two movies prove that action films starring well-known actors in the lead role are still a huge draw for audiences, whether at the box office or on the small screens.

Cracks in that system were beginning to show ten years ago. Today, the dam has burst. A more anarchic and progressive politics has rushed in, with a wave of younger, more progressive, and more diverse candidates bulldozing past the remnants of the old guard, as it tried in vain to hold back the deluge. 041b061a72


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