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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

Subtitle Edge Of Tomorrow

In the short time Ive been covering this country for The New York Times, all of that has changed. Last year on April 11th, massive street protests against President Hugo Chavez erupted into deadly violence and led briefly to his overthrow. Ive come to Caracas for the anniversary of that event, hoping to figure out where this countrys headed. How did Venezuela, once so stable and rich, end up on the edge of political chaos?

subtitle Edge of Tomorrow

Gen. GONZALEZ GONZALEZ: [subtitles] Chavez has Cubanized, or is trying to Cubanize, Venezuela. Hes created an image of differences and divisions among the population, making lower-class people believe that what they dont have was taken away by the upper classes.

TEACHER: [subtitles] Since Chavez came into power, kids can stay at school all day from 8:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. In addition, they give them breakfast, lunch and a snack.

Pres. HUGO CHAVEZ: [subtitles] I cannot make conclusions about the investigation because its not the role of the executive power directly. But I can tell you, for example, in looking for answers, but firm answers, the sad truth is there have not been any convictions for those crimes.

TINKARI GOSWAMI: [subtitles] The news of so many people dying at the Pentagon, so many people in America, the news that such a serious event took place, it has to reach places where newspapers arent available.

AMIT PRADHAN: [subtitles] I try to portray the facts about bin Laden to people who may not know about him. Is he really this vicious terrorist or just a devout Muslim? I just want to make them understand that.

AMIT PRADHAN: [as bin Laden] [subtitles] Our long struggle to liberate all Muslims from the infidels will continue for many years to come. But always remember one thing. Empowering jihad is every Muslims sacred duty. And at the right time, you will strengthen my powerful jihad.

GIRL IN AUDIENCE: [subtitles] This jatra showed bin Laden as a different man, a man concerned for the poor and for people who need him. Now I feel like Ive seen a more human side of bin Laden.

SIMON YEUNG: [subtitles] When the medication could not relieve my suffering, I thought I was going to die. At the same time, I was struggling emotionally. As a priest, I know death is not a negative thing, but I kept struggling.

LINQI ZHANG: [on the phone] Hello? Hey, David, some of CPE results and then the plaque reduction have to wait till tomorrow. But CPE readings is encouraging. Leo went to do the first reading, and Richard followed. And the reading, I checked it. The reading are very consistent. All right, David. So you-- thats very encouraging news. And enjoy your meeting. Thats good enough.

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The Art of Fielding by Chad HarbachRecommended by Danielle Lopez, Program Coordinator, Center for Animal Law StudiesEven with absolutely no knowledge of baseball going in, I was floored by the honesty of this book and its take on the pressures of both external and internal expectations.

What If? 2 by Randall MunroeRecommended by Tung Yin, Professor of LawThe subtitle to the book is "additional serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions," which sums it up. For example, if you've ever wondered how many people a T. rex would have to eat per day to get its nutritional intake, you'll get the answer in here. Highly recommended for science nerds and parents with middle school kids.

Reasoning: As expressed by the subtitle, companies: (1) Battle to capture and own your data, which then becomes their property; then (2) use the captured data to assume control of your life, as if it were their own property; making decisions on their behalf to which you are bound while depriving you of all possible rights of control of your own life.

Q: The other day you acknowledged that you've seen or heard other people are already starting to write the team off because Tom Brady is not the quarterback anymore. How much of that stuff do you pay attention to? Do the goals change at all with the turnover you've experienced?

Book Description: Hardcover. Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. 1st Edition. 267 pp. Grey boards with red gilt lettering to spine, corners sharp, binding tight and square, inscribed on the flyleaf by the author, top edge sunned, minimal wear. Black graphic dj, minimal wear; a mylar cover. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR. Seller Inventory # TF000543

Book Description: Hardcover. Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good +. Conrad, Paul (illustrator). 1st Edition. 199pp. Charcoal boards, black lettering, very minor soil to top edge. White pictorial dj has very minor edge & corner wear, minor bends, a mylar cover. Seller Inventory # 003235

Book Description: Soft cover. Condition: Near Fine. 419 pp. Black pictorial covers, pages bright and white, corners just bent, light soil to fore edge, binding tight and square, spine uncreased, a bright gift quality book. Seller Inventory # TF000485

Book Description: Hardcover. Condition: Very Good +. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. 1st Edition. 273pp. 1st American edition, printed from English sheets. Tan embossed cloth, gilt lettering & decorations on spine over blue background. Corners lightly bent, light sunning to edges, light marks to blue top stain. Gray/blue dj, sunned, tiny chips at top of spine, minimal corner wear. $4.00 price intact, synopsis on both flaps, blurbs for The Plague and The Stranger on back; in mylar. Translated by Anthony Bower. Seller Inventory # 006006 041b061a72


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