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Santiago Nguyen

Four Brothers

At the funeral, we meet her four adopted sons, two black, two white. She was a foster mother all of her life, and these were the only four she couldn't find homes for: Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), Angel (Tyrese Gibson), Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin) and Jack (Garrett Hedlund). Bobby is the oldest, the natural leader, the one with a temper. Angel is the player with a hot babe (Sofi Vergara). Jeremiah is a success; he's married (to Taraji P. Henson), has a family, is involved in real estate deals. Jack is a rock-and-roller.

Four Brothers

They all have the name Mercer and they all consider Evelyn their mom, but they grew up on mean streets and have not spent a lot of time getting all sentimental about being "brothers." That begins to change at the funeral, when they wordlessly agree that their mother's death requires some kind of action. Jeremiah, the businessman, observes: "The people who did this are from the same streets we're from. Mom would have been the first to forgive them." True of Mom, not true of them.

This story is inspired by Henry Hathaway's "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965), unseen by me but cited by my fellow critic Emanuel Levy. (I am awed by the number of films I have seen, and awed by the number I have not seen.) At first it looks like an open-and-shut case: Witnesses saw two gang-bangers walk in and blast the store owner. Mom was a bystander, shot in cold blood. But as the brothers look at the tape from the security camera, they're struck by how ruthlessly she was murdered; they turn up evidence suggesting maybe there was something more to this killing. As long as we're talking about the influence of old movies, a crucial clue in "Four Brothers" involves when the lights are turned off on a basketball court; I was reminded of the almanac in John Ford's "Young Mr. Lincoln" (1939) that provides the phases of the moon.

In 2005, Four Brothers was released in theaters and quickly became one of the biggest crime-revenge movies of the 2010s. It features four adoptive brothers, Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), Jerry (Andre 3000), Angel (Tyrese Gibson) and Jack (Garrett Hedlund), who grew up under the roof of a kind woman named Evelyn. Once they grew up and became adults, they all left home and went on to do their own things; Bobby appearing in and out of jail; Jerry becoming a family man; Angel joining the army, and Jack finding his way as a rock star. However, the brothers are brought back home when Evelyn is shot and killed during a robbery at their local corner store where she was a regular. Bobby, the oldest, is already on the hunt for revenge, but once they find out that it wasn't an accident and that Evelyn was set up, all four brothers get on board for what Bobby has planned. Four Brothers is one of the best revenge-based crime movies, and here's why.

Movies that focus around siblings often have a hard time being distinctive about how close they are as brothers/sisters, and oftentimes can be seen as corny with how hard they try to make it look natural. Maybe it's because they're supposed to be adoptive brothers, but Bobby, Jerry, Angel, and Jack mesh so well together, it's easy to believe that they could be actually related. It's clear that there are roles established throughout the family, even before their mother died, and Bobby is the head of the household. They all know each other so well; keeping their spirits light as they work through grief, and struggle to even deal with those types of emotions.

PopCulture states that Mark Wahlberg was especially excited to take this role on, because of how much he related to Bobby Mercer regarding how much he loved his mom, as well as how aggressive he appears to be. There are small moments throughout the film that showcase sibling roles, such as when they sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and how they react to how each other eats. This is also prevalent in the hockey game that happens after the dinner; all four brothers teaming up as they destroy the other players who are just trying to have a fun Thanksgiving game.

Throughout the entire movie, revenge is the one thing on the four brothers' minds after their mom is murdered at a corner store. They barely have time to grieve before they decide to take over the city they all used to live in; Bobby leading the manhunt for whoever called the set-up on their mother. When they figure out that it was Victor Sweet, the most notorious gangster of Detroit, the brothers don't let that stop them from trying to avenge the one woman who took a chance on them. Like normal brothers or any siblings anywhere, they fight and bicker almost every single day. However, one of their last big arguments comes at one of the worst times.

Garrett Hedlund plays one of his best roles as Jack Mercer, and his death scene is one of the saddest moments in the entire movie. While his brothers are pushing each other around with accusations that are flying, Jack opens the door when someone knocks, not expecting it to be death on the other side. He's very much the baby of the group, immature and hot-headed, so when he's hit in the face with a snowball, he immediately goes after the guy who threw it at him. He's then shot several times in the back and chest, and the revenge they were all chasing dies right then and there, as Jack bleeds out on the snow.

An energetic action film with a touch of heart, John Singleton's "Four Brothers" is a surprisingly potent piece of work. Engaging from the outset, the story of four adopted brothers who set out avenge the death of their mother moves quickly and has plenty of robust. It is a well-cast, well-constructed action effort.

An underrated action thriller movie about 4 adopted brothers seek for revenge on a robber who killed their mom, this is a hidden gem for those who loves action thriller that deserves more attention than it should

The casts are amazing. You name it like Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre 3000, Terence Howard, Sofia Vergara, chitwel ejiofor, etc. The connection between the 4 brothers are great as we can bond with all the main characters due to their great chemistry. Each of the main characters also have their own unique characters & personality. Also without giving anything away, i found some of the death characters succeeded in making me feel emotional tbh.

In 2011, John and Gigi opened Four Brothers Chocolates with John heading up the kitchen and Gigi, a milliner by trade, being in charge of all the creatives including packaging and marketing. They started with toffee and shortly after began making various truffles, for which they became famous. All four of their sons helped part-time at some point, either in the commercial kitchen making their scrumptious and fresh confections or on the business end, but even with their help, John and Gigi decided to close the business in 2014 for a variety of personal reasons, even with the business being on the rise. 041b061a72


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