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Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 6 Pc Myegy

Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 6 Pc Myegy

PES 6 is one of the most popular and classic soccer simulation games that was released in 2006. Many fans still enjoy playing this game with updated rosters, kits, stadiums, and graphics. However, one of the features that is often missing or outdated in PES 6 is the commentary. The default commentary in PES 6 is in English and does not reflect the excitement and passion of the game.


Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem: Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 6 Pc Myegy. This is a patch that adds the Arabic commentary of Raouf Khlif, one of the most famous and respected soccer commentators in the Arab world. Raouf Khlif is known for his lively and enthusiastic style of commentary, as well as his extensive knowledge of the game and the players. He has covered many major tournaments and matches, such as the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and the African Cup of Nations.

Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 6 Pc Myegy is a free download that can be found on various websites, such as [OpenSea], [SoundCloud], and [Dr-Kalla]. The patch is easy to install and compatible with most versions of PES 6. The patch replaces the original English commentary files with the Arabic ones, and also adds some new sound effects and chants. The patch also works with other patches that modify the game data, such as kits, faces, balls, etc.

With Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 6 Pc Myegy, you can enjoy PES 6 with a new level of realism and immersion. You can hear Raouf Khlif's voice calling out the names of the players, describing the actions on the pitch, praising the goals and skills, and reacting to the referee's decisions. You can also hear the crowd cheering, singing, and chanting for their teams. You can feel the atmosphere and emotion of each match, whether it is a friendly game or a final showdown.

Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 6 Pc Myegy is a must-have for any PES 6 fan who loves soccer and Arabic commentary. It will make your PES 6 experience more enjoyable and memorable. Download it now and have fun!


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