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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

Xcom 2 Optimal Base Layout

When XCOM 2 originally launched on PC it did feature a number of associated bonuses when placing specific rooms adjacent to one another. Over time however, the developers have removed a lot of these to allow for a more personal experience and to give players the opportunity to truly enjoy the impressive levels of variety and customization on offer when trying to build the best base in XCOM 2. This means that there is no real wrong way to make the best base layout when customizing your Avenger, although the higher difficulty levels do demand a more efficient and streamlined setup to ensure survival.

Xcom 2 Optimal Base Layout

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A brief word on the Vehicle Bay, which is unique in three respects. Firstly, it takes up a 2x2 section of the base layout grid, rather than a single tile. Secondly, it cannot be demolished. And thirdly, it is the only building that you cannot manually build, which means the only way to gain access to one outside your initial Vehicle Bay inside Phoenix Point is to recover a base that already has one installed.

There are a total of 24 sections available for facilities, not counting the Access Lifts. To make optimal use of the adjacency bonuses, it is important that players plan the layout of their facilities ahead of time, to optimize adjacency bonuses. Since there are 4 different adjacency types, it's only natural to assign each adjacency type to it's own quarter:

If you have concerns about limited floor space and power constraints, consider that in the base layout of my current campaign, I have built 7 uplink/nexus facilities, and was unfortunate in the position of my thermo generators, which are separated from each other and all other generators. It is a worst case scenario. Yet I can still make it work. Currently there is a surplus of 25 power, and only 3 steps remaining to finish the base:

On reddit, many players discussing base layout describe a 2x3 rectangle with 3 uplinks and 3 nexuses as optimal. And in a way, they are right. But it optimizes for base capacity, not winning the game. And what does an extra room really give you? Well, you can either have an extra workshop or lab. That\u2019s all. An extra workshop will not compensate you for the additional resource costs of 2 nexuses in a reasonable amount of time. And trading resources for an extra lab doesn\u2019t make sense in the late game because the real bottleneck to research is eventually going to be weapon fragments.


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