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Download Gauraiya Movie In Dual Audio Movie

Gauraiya Movie in Dual Audio: A Review

Gauraiya (गरेय) is a 2015 Hindi movie directed by Rajesh Hans and starring Raiya Sinha, Karamveer Chudary, and Vijay Jora. The movie is based on the true story of a rape survivor and a bonded laborer who fight against a notorious bandit in a desert village. The movie has been dubbed in English and is available in dual audio format for the international audience.


Plot Summary

The movie is set in Patha, a village in Rajasthan, where the residents are victims of constant crime and oppression by the bandit Dhanua and his gang. Dhanua is supported by the corrupt police, the local tycoon Kali Patel, and the NGO head Tiwari, who exploit the villagers for their own benefits. Gauraiya is a young and innocent woman who is gang-raped by Dhanua, Patel, and Tiwari, while her husband is framed by the police under false charges. Budhia is another woman who is sold by her husband for Rs 500 to Patel, who makes her work as a bonded laborer in his factory. Both Gauraiya and Budhia suffer from humiliation and abuse, but they do not lose hope. They decide to fight back against their oppressors and reclaim their dignity and freedom.


Gauraiya is a movie that exposes the harsh realities of rural India, where women are often subjected to violence and injustice. The movie does not shy away from showing the brutality and cruelty of the rapists and their accomplices, who treat women as objects and commodities. The movie also highlights the role of the media, the judiciary, and the civil society in bringing justice to the victims and holding the perpetrators accountable.

The movie has a strong message of women empowerment and resistance against oppression. The movie shows how Gauraiya and Budhia overcome their trauma and fear, and become courageous and confident. They join forces with other villagers, who are also fed up with Dhanua's tyranny, and launch a revolt against him. They use their wit, courage, and determination to outsmart and defeat their enemies. The movie celebrates the spirit of womanhood and solidarity among the oppressed.

The movie has a powerful performance by Raiya Sinha, who plays the role of Gauraiya. She portrays the character with conviction and emotion, making the audience empathize with her plight and cheer for her victory. Karamveer Chudary, who plays the role of Budhia, also delivers a commendable performance as a woman who transforms from a helpless victim to a fearless leader. Vijay Jora, who plays the role of Dhanua, is convincing as a ruthless and sadistic villain, who meets his deserved fate at the end.

The movie has a good direction by Rajesh Hans, who captures the essence of the story and the setting. The movie has a realistic depiction of the village life, the culture, and the customs of Rajasthan. The movie has a good cinematography by Ravi Yadav, who uses the desert landscape as a backdrop for the drama. The movie has a good music by Shiv Rajoria, who composes some catchy songs that suit the mood of the movie.


Gauraiya is a movie that is worth watching for its bold and inspiring story of two women who fight against injustice and oppression. The movie has a strong message of women empowerment and social change. The movie has a good cast, direction, cinematography, and music that make it an engaging and entertaining watch.

If you are interested in watching Gauraiya in dual audio format, you can find it online on various platforms such as YouTube or JustWatch. You can also watch other Hindi movies dubbed in English on Mzaalo, an online streaming service that offers free access to Bollywood movies.


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