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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

Tranny Big Cock Stories

She pulled down her underwear and out came a 6 inch thick semi hard cock. She was completely shaved down there. It was still soft enough to be laying flat against her balls, but you could tell some blood was rushing to it.

tranny big cock stories

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"Jake it's fine. I don't mind at all. I just care about how hard that cock is." She walked over and kissed me again. Her hand went down to my cock and started to stroke it. It felt amazing. I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed her cock and began to jerk it until I felt it rock hard in my hand. It felt weird having another cock in my hand that wasn't mine. We were about the same thickness, but my strokes on her cock were definitely longer than the ones I was used to when I jerked off. I backed away and looked down. It had to be 8 inches long and thick!

"No, I'm not interested in that at all. I want you inside me." She grabbed both our cocks with her one hand and started jerking them both off at the same time. Hers was so much longer and amazing. I do not know why I was getting so worked up. Watcher her jerk my cock on top of hers like that was just so hot. I loved the way the skin of her cock felt against mine.

"Do you want to go inside me?" I shook my head. "Okay we will need to lube you up first. She released both of our cocks and started to jerk her big dick fast. All I could do was stare. It was such a nice cock. I was never into dicks at all, but this one was so big and maybe because it was attached to a hot girl I liked it, but either way it was turning me on. Jessica's head started to turn a little red from her jerking. "Lay down for me." I laid on the floor and she came over. She began to shoot her cum onto my cock. I did not know what to think. It was not that big of a load but it was thick cum. I just laid there quiet, watching.

Once she was done cumming she mounted me. I felt her almost fully hard cock rest on my stomach as she laid on top of me. "I can not wait to feel you inside me." She leaned back and took my rock hard, cum soaked cock and aimed it right for her asshole. I guess when she said lube it up she meant with her cum. Her dick was getting soft now but still plenty big just hanging down touching my stomach. She worked my cock into her ass. Finally she got it all the way in. I looked up at her, her face was beautiful. You would never know she was a guy. Her tits were probably a B cup and looked pretty natural with a little sag.

She started to bounce up and down on my cock. Her tits had a little bounce to them as she did. Her thighs were thick just like a girls, I do not know how she got them like that. I grabbed onto her wide hips and she bounced. Her soft cock would hit her stomach and then mine with each bounce. It was pretty hot watching it.

I obeyed. I grabbed onto her smooth soft cock and started jerking it off as she bounced on me. In no time she was hard as a rock again. It felt weird that I was enjoying giving a handjob, but I was. I let her cock go and watched it flop. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. This big giant rock hard cock bouncing up and down right in front of me. If you want to know what I am talking about just watch mariana cordoba ride a cock. Jessica's cock was going everywhere. This big giant rod was bouncing up and down smacking our stomachs. I couldn't take it, I was going to cum.

"Well, see the benefit of me, is I can't get pregnant. She began to bounce even faster and her big cock was going everywhere. I exploded, right in her asshole. She got up, my cum dripping out of her ass and went off to the bathroom. She returned about 2 minutes later.

She showed me the way into the bathroom and I went. About 5 minutes into soaping my cock she came in. I looked right at her giant cock, like she didn't have tits or anything. Without saying a word she got on her knees and began to suck my cock. She sucked it like a pro. Hand swirling, tongue twisting, it was so hot. I pulled her up, spun her around and bent her over. I spread her ass cheeks apart and worked my cock into her ass once more.

Her ass was so wide, had to be 40 inches and she had a nice bubble butt that I spanked. I got my cock into her ass and began to pound into her. My hands immediately went for her cock and began to jerk it off. Her ass was so tight. Her cock felt amazing in my hand. It was so hot how high I could go with my hand without falling off, I wasn't used to it. I jerked her cock so good as I fucked her. I began to feel her cum shooting out of her cock. It was the hottest feeling ever. Feeling it shoot out of her thick long cock. I couldn't take it I pulled out and soaked her ass in my cum.

"No he's not. Not as long as we are together. We will find a way to tuck for a bikini or whatever you want to wear. Right now though, I have a beautiful girl, with tits, hips, a big ass and a giant cock. Who needs a pussy I have your asshole."

I woke up to an amazing feeling. My dick was being rubbed. I opened my eyes and saw Jessica sitting in front of me stroking my cock and her cock together. She had them both pointed up towards the ceiling and was rubbing them both with the same hand again. Her cock stuck up almost 2 inches higher than mine. It was so erotic watching and feeling my cock rub against hers. I smiled and pushed her onto her back. I mounted her and put my cock in the opening of her ass. I shoved my cock in her and watched the ecstasy come over her face. I grabbed onto her tits and began to really bang into her. She reached down and started to jerk off.

The sight of that got me so much more excited and I fucked her even harder. She loved it. I leaned down and sucked on her tits, feeling her arm moving up and down on her cock. I stopped sucking and leaned back to watch her jerk that big cock of hers. It was so hot watching my fat cock stretch her ass hole as she pumped her big cock. She began to shoot robes of cum out of her cock onto her tits. It was very arousing watching her cum shoot out and it got me to the point of explosion. I pulled out of her ass and added to the cum that was all over her tits. I grabbed onto her cock and shook it around. It was fun playing with such a long dick.

When we got back to the apartment I asked her to take off her jeans because I wanted to see what she did with her cock exactly. She did and in her little panties you could see a bulge of a cock stuffed between her legs.

I grabbed her soft smooth cock and began to jerk it until it was at full mast. I made her sit down on the couch and get between her legs in front of her and jerked her monster cock. It right in front of me. This giant 8 inch cock that was on this beautiful girl. I jerked it up and down twisting my hand as I got near the head. I was making me rock hard seeing this cock so close up. I couldn't believe a cock could even get this big. I continued to jerk her off until she told me she was ready. I pulled out my cock, which was nothing in comparison and aimed her dick right at it. She soaked it in her cum. I loved how her cock felt as the cum shot out of it. She then came down on the floor with me and sucked my cock, taking all the cum off of it.

Late for school again. I threw the door to my classroom open."Sorry I'm late mis Erikson." I said to my teacher."Sit down." she said sternly. I didn't care much for school, my teacher mis Erikson was the only good thing about it. She was in her mid thirties and she inspired awe in all the boys at school. Her rather big but oh so perfect ass looked very beautiful in those tight skirts she used wear. Her breasts couldn't possibly be as nice as her cleavage suggested I used to think to comfort myself.Finally this waste of time they call class had come to an end. Before I could get up from my chair I could hear mis Erikson's stern voice telling me "Don't bother getting up young man." She looked at me from over her glasses. "I would like to have a word with you."I sighed and looked down at my bench. Through the corner of my I eye I watched her boobs swing and bounce when she walked over to me. She pulled up a chair in front of my bench and sat down. She took of her glasses."You have been late for every history class this last two weeks." She said trying to look me in the eye. I avoided her look as best I could. "Do you not like history?" Her voice sounded a bit nicer."Well I like the regular stuff." I said "You know, world war two and stuff.""I see." she said "Do you have a problem with me then?""No, not at all." I said stroking my neck "In fact you're the best part of school." I looked her in those beautiful blue eyes. She smiled."Is that so?"I was starting to get nervous. I didn't know what do do with my hands. I stroked my neck, my legs and nose. She took hold of my hands. She licked her full lips."I see allot of you boys watching me. You do to don't you?""Well... eh..." My heart was pounding like crazy. "Yes.""Isn't that cute. For being so brave to admit it I'll give something."She let go of my hands and grabbed my head. Her lips pressed against mine. Her tongue found its way into my mouth. After a few seconds she let go."Wow mis Erikson" I said a bit shocked."Do you want more?" She didn't wait for my answer. She stood up and started to undo the buttons to her white shirt. She dropped the shirt to the floor. Her nipples was visible through her pink bra. She walked over to my side of the bench and sat herself in my lap. My face was just a few inches from her breasts. She started kissing me again. I grabbed one of her boobs. Having little experience with big breasts I was unable to determine if they were real or fake. But I didn't care. They were there and that was enough to get me rock hard. She stopped kissing me."Let's get rid of this" she said as she undid her bra. She threw it away. "There we go. Suck them." She commanded. She didn't have to tell me twice. I took a firm hold of her right boob and put the nipple in my mouth. I made load sucking noises. She moaned and stroked my hair. Suddenly the door opened. Mis Erikson turned her head around. There stood mister Parker, my english teacher. He stood there with his mouth open in obvious shock. "Do you mind." ms Erikson said. Without saying a word he closed the door. "That got me even more exited." She said and stood up. Ms Erikson started to undo my pants."Is this right?" I asked. "I'm only sixteen." She undid the last button on my pants and grabbed my dick. She started to stroke it."Does this feel right?" she said and looked into my eyes. It did, in fact it felt so right that I was about to cum right then and there."Stop, I'm going to come." I said in groaning manner."We wouldn't want that do we?" She said and let go of my dick. "Not yet anyway." She turned her back to my. Her hands took holds of her tight black skirt and pulled it down. The ass that was exposed was beyond anything I could ever imagine. She then took of her thong. When she turned around I got the shock of a lifetime. Staring at me was that one eyed dragon. It mocked me. It was probably the biggest dick I've ever seen, and it was hard as hard as it could ever be."I haven't had a man in long time." ms Erikson said. To my surprise her huge cock made me even harder."Can I touch it?" I said curiously."Of course you can." As she walked over to me her dick swayed from side to side. 041b061a72


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